If you are new to Apple`s ecosystem, just bought a new iPhone or even just recently switched from Android to iOS, one of the things you would surely like to know is how to set up voicemail on your brand new shining iPhone.

Alternatively, you already have an iPhone, but didn`t manage to set up that voicemail feature yet.

Well, for all cases aforementioned, we are here to assist. You don`t need to keep postponing, it is easy, hear us out.

On the iPhone main page, click on the green phone icon at the bottom of the page. On the next page, click on voicemail, bottom right corner. If it is your first time that you are on this page, the system will prompt a message in the centre of the page requesting to set up your voicemail. Click on this option, and type in a 4 to 6-digit password. Once you do that, it brings you to the greeting page, and here you will have two different options:

Default Greeting

You could opt for the Default Greeting, the one Apple provides, which is automated and ready to use and apply. Easy.

Custom Greeting

Otherwise, if you wish to customise your voicemail, click on the Custom Greeting to record your own. Click on Record and speak your voicemail there, or what you want people to hear. Press Play to listen to it, check if it is up to your satisfaction.
If all is fine, click on Save which is situated on the top right corner on your display.

Now, when people try to reach you and hear your voicemail, they can leave their messages after the beep, then you can access them on your voicemail page, where you can just tap on the messages and listen to them.

Just in case you don`t see the Greeting page and Voicemail set up, it could be that in your circumstance it is an add-on. You will have to contact your service provider to obtain voicemail. In most cases it is also resolved by going to your service provider website and add voicemail to your service plan from there. Also, check if you have call forwarding on, as it will supersede or disable voicemail.

Here is a filtered out handy summary for the Custom Greeting Voicemail version:

  • On Home screen, navigate to Phone app, then Voicemail (both lower-right)
  • Tap Set Up Now
  • Enter a password then tap Done
  • Re-enter the password then tap Done
  • Tap Custom to record a greeting
  • Tap Record to begin
  • Once finished tap Stop
  • To complete tap Done or Save

So there you go, it should be a simple task if you follow our step by step guide. Enjoy recording a nice warm voicemail to greet your calls. You are most welcome.