You know that rectangular piece of technology that you clasp in your hand for approximately 80% of your waking day? Well it usually cost quite a pretty penny, so it’s best you gear it up with some top notch protective gear to keep it in ship-shape condition. If you haven’t caught on yet… we’re talking about your smartphones: devices prone to some serious damage if not equipped with the right cases and screen protectors.

You’d be lying if you said you’ve never dropped your phone, knocked it against something or stuck it in your bag with your house keys rubbing blissfully against it. It happens to the best of us, and even though we may go that little bit further to get the best glass screen protectors; our mobile screens often take the hit!

It may seem like the end of the world when you iPhone 11 screen gets cracked a few days into its lifespan but there’s always hope in Phone Box to save the day… and your phone. A broken screen doesn’t necessarily translate into a broken phone; if your display still works then you can get your prized possession fixed up in a jiff! Here’s how to get your smartphone back in working order:

The Apple user

At Phone Box we provide an efficient repair service for Apple technology – primarily iPhones. We’ve got the professional technicians who understand the ins and outs of replacing a cracked iPhone screen; we test it out before handing it over to you and make sure you could get back to your business emails or Candy Crush session as swiftly as possible.

For Android aficionados

Androids come in various shapes, sizes, brands and models but the trained and qualified staff employed at Phone Box have racked their brains to find every solution for the complex possibility of screens on the market. Much like their Apple nemeses, the in-house techies test out the touchscreen controls so your next Instagram shot can be uploaded without hesitation.

smartphone cracked screen

The process

Step 1: we register your phone

This means that we take not of your details including contact information and phone stats so as to register the faulty device for processing. This step takes your smartphone into the repair queue.

Step 2: the maintenance begins

The repair gurus roll up their sleeves, and begin operation ‘fix cracked screen’. These guys are good; they’ll put their best foot forward and try and find a solution to fix your cracked screen, there’s always hope but it’s important to note that some devices may be damaged beyond repair.

Step 3: your phone is ready for pick up

Once your phone is fixed and ready to get back to its faithful duties, the crew at Phone Box get in touch with you and let you know it’s ready for collection. This process usually takes few days from registration to pick up, but the severity of the damage may cause need for some extra TLC.

So there you have it… a three step solution to a brand new smartphone screen. No fuss, no worry. If you need to get your iPhone or Android into repair visit one of the Phone Box outlets in San Gwann or Sliema to find out more.